What Advertisers Want

Saturday, October 3rd at 12:35pm

So what’s the real lowdown if you’ve got sponsored conversations on your blog? Of course we know disclosure is a must, but for everything else you assume you know exactly what an advertiser is looking for. In the end do you ever feel your brain is just a scrambled mess? So why not find out what advertisers are looking for directly from…well, the advertisers?!

We’ve gathered a diverse panel of advertisers from recognizable, well-known brands who have actively engaged in sponsored conversations. So they’re going to tell it like it is.

If your website or blog depends on advertising and sponsorship you’re definitely going to want to stick around for this. Soon you’ll be hearing “CA-CHING!”

  • what it is

    An interactive event designed to educate, inform and connect social media enthusiasts. Meet the world's foremost social media experts in a collaborative, fun and open setting. Learn how to grow your traffic, build your brand and make more money online.

    who should come:
    • - Bloggers, Podcasters & Tweeters
    • - Marketers & Agency Professionals
    • - PR & Communications Practitioners
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